Lemon/Rhubarb Gin and Tonic

Lemon/Rhubarb Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonics were something I briefly explored when I was around 18-19 but have since stayed far from because I more or less hated the taste.

These days however I can’t seem to get enough! There are so many fantastic tonics out there that can really elevate a simple G&T. Ekobryggeriet makes a rhubarb tonic that’s absolutely amazing. I recently got this bottle of Malfy con Limone, basically a “lemon” gin, that I paired with the rhubarb tonic and they played so well together! Rhubarb is one of my all time favourite flavours so I really enjoyed this one.

Sometimes the best way to go is to keep it simple! A well crafted gin and tonic can be amazing when using the right products!

- Malfy con Limone
- Rhubarb tonic

Chuck it all in a glass with some ice, stir, imbibe.