I explored so many to me before unbeknownst flavours and cocktails in 2018, and I don’t want 2019 to be any different!

Exploring the world of mixology is very fun but also very difficult! There are just SO many spirits and flavours to get to know. 2018 was without a doubt my gin-year! We’ll see what 2019 has in store for me but I’ve promised myself to venture out a little from the world of gin I so clearly live in nowadays, haha. So bear with me while I find my way around!

This drink was, like maaaany of my others, something I just threw together. I feel I’ve come so far with my knowledge of basic flavours I am now fairly confident as to what will work or not. And this did! I wanted to use with rum since I hadn’t in forever, and I also found this bottle of passionfruit liqueur I had kind of forgotten about. The result was a very balanced drink between sweet and sour that went down maybe a little too easy…

- 6cl White Rum
- 4cl Passionfruit liqueur
- 3cl Lemon juice
- 2cl Butterfly Pea Tea Syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice until cold and diluted, double strain into glass.