Life and work balance

Life and work balance

Working from home is convenient, but also quite difficult.

I’m currently juggling a lot of things. I have my instagram, this blog, school and two different jobs. And you know, life in general and also a mental illness, haha.

I’ve never had this much fun in my life though! I wholeheartedly love everything I do. Everyone has ups and downs in life and some days are harder than others and it’s the same for me, being mentally ill or not, but it is sometimes harder when things are out of your control. Some days I wake up to the brim filled with energy. Some days I wake up “normally” - just going about my day. Some days I wake up tired and uninspired. And some days I wake up feeling like nothing.

Learning how to cope with bipolar disorder has been a journey on its own and especially now since I have so many projects going on. If I didn’t before I’ve now truly learned how to master my episodes - I get so much work done when being either “normal” (what ever that means) or manic that when I have a tired or depressed day I can relax in good conscience, most of the time.

Since I work and study from home for the most part it’s important for me to separate my chill time from my work time. I do that by wearing different clothing for my work/study hours, sit at the kitchen table and not on the couch, try to have specific times I do work things… Any little thing helps in creating some space between work and your personal space. These days the two of those are so intertwined for me I sometimes don’t know what’s up or down. But it’s still all fun and that’s the most important thing. I know when to work harder and I know when to shut down. Balance. It’s the key.