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Blue Blood

RecipesEvelina von Seth
Blue Blood

Somehow in 2018 I turned into a massive fan of gin. I have no idea how that happened, haha, but it did! But now, PURE Vodka is on a mission to turn me into a lover of vodka too!

When I travelled Canada and Australia in 2017, if I wasn’t drinking beer, I was always drinking vodka sodas (with extra, extra lime!) so I’m thinking this mission shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish. I think I wasn’t too into gin before because I hadn’t actually tried any good ones, and I think it’s similar with vodka. Lord knows it took me many cocktails before I eventually started appreciating gin so I’m prepared for this vodka journey I’m about to embark on!

For this cocktail I used two spirits/bottles I rarely use: vodka obviously, and Blue Curaçao. If you’re not familiar; Blue Curaçao is an orange liqueur, like Triple Sec or Cointreau (or if you’re real fancy, Grand Marnier). This drink is basically just an explosion of orange! I’m not super into that so I’m not even sure why I picked the ingredients I did, haha. However, the result was very nice, provided you like orange flavoured drinks. Also, I think the vodka itself is a great steppingstone to me becoming a vodka lover!

Well, I do kind of know why I made this. I saw my girl Jane make a cocktail called “Violet Yum” on her page a while back and I thought “hey, that sounds good!”. I didn’t have any lime at the time of making this and then went rogue and added and removed a few other things and it turned out nothing like the original, haha. Regardless, thank you Jane for your inspo!

- 5cl Vodka
- 2,5cl Blue Curaçao
- 3cl Blood Orange Juice
- 1 full dropper of Butterfly Pea Tea Extract
- 1 dash Orange Bitters
- Soda Water

Shake all but the soda water with ice and open pour into your favourite thrift store glass. Top with soda.