Queen of Broken Hearts

Queen of Broken Hearts

On Monday, Stockholms Bränneri released a new gin and I was very happy that I got a bottle before they sold out!

It’s a gorgeous lavender, sage and pink grapefruit gin that both smells and tastes amazing. It’s the first gin from SB that I’ve tried (except for the fantastic gin & tonic glögg/mulled wine-ish) so it has made me more curios about their other ones! I recently became acquainted with Erik that works there and I went to visit their distillery in early winter last year and it was so cool to see where they create the magic.

I wanted to make a drink where the gin would shine but also be supported by some floral flavours. Also; its Valentine’s Day so I wanted it to be a tad “romantic” (if that’s even a word that you can use to describe cocktails, haha).

So, here is my Valentine’s Day treat for myself. And I’m not going to spend the day feeling sad for myself because I’m going through life on my own. I’m going to congratulate myself simply for still breathing. My Valentine this year and until the end of time will always be the feeling of being alive. I don’t need no man to validate what I already know: I am enough, just the way I am! But if my future husband is reading this: I don’t want flowers or chocolate for v-day - I’m good with gin. Or beer. Or a burger. Thanks!



- 6cl Stockholms Bränneri lavender, sage and pink grapefruit dry gin
- 4cl Lemon juice
- 2cl Monin rose syrup
- 2cl Home made prosecco syrup
- 1 dash Angostura bitters

Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake for about 20-25 seconds. Double strain into glass (get the same pretty one as me from Cask & Company). Garnish with dried rose.