German Gin + Swedish Tonic

German Gin + Swedish Tonic

Have you ever seen a transparent tree? Didn’t think so!

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Tonic as we know it is usually transparent - but not Swedish Tonic! Instead of additives they use real cinchona bark which gives this tonic a nice amber colour.

If you’re used to the more commercial “fresh” taste of tonic I think this one might take a few tries to get used to but it has a great flavour. For this gin and tonic I went with Ferdinands Gin which was not the best match. The gin is too sweet for the tonic which I think needs a more citrus forward spirit and honestly it’s the exact same for the gin. Ferdinands is distilled with riesling grapes and is an extraordinary gin on its own but simply did not interact well with the tonic. Regardless, it was still a delightful sip but it was not the best drink to showcase the two different ingredients properly.

It’s funny because I, like I think many others, used to believe that a G&T was just two ingrediens chucked together in a glass but it truly is so much more than that. You use the wrong spirit for the tonic or vice versa and you end up with a mediocre drink at best.

I’m excited to pair this tonic with different gins to explore the taste further!