DiaryEvelina von Seth

10 things about me

DiaryEvelina von Seth
10 things about me

Well, things you probably do not know…

I’m the first to admit that I’m a pretty open person! I don’t really feel ashamed to talk about anything and I always trust people until they’ve given me a reason not to and yes, that has backfired before, haha. But if you don’t know me that well, perhaps you’ll learn something new!

  1. I studied political science at university
    - Okay, it was only for a little while, but that seems soooo far away from what I do now!

  2. I moved away from home when I was 16
    - I have since stayed with my parents a little while when I didn’t have my own place, but I’ve spent most of the last 12 years on my own!

  3. I lived in a six bed dorm for a year and a half
    - Yes, when I lived in London I lived and worked in a hostel! The staff shared two rooms so it was a year and a half of bunk beds in a very small space, haha.

  4. I was 16 when I got drunk for the first time
    - Seems like forever ago!

  5. I still sleep with my teddybear
    - Yes! He sleeps in my bed every night. And yes I’m almost 27 years old. No shame!

  6. I’m scared of things that fly
    - It’s true. I hate everything from birds to butterflies. I just find them so undependable because you never know where they’re gonna go!! Haha.

  7. Food that I hate includes mushrooms, eggs and yes, apple pie
    - The last one is a bit strange maybe but I can’t stand the cinnamon and mushy apple combo.

  8. I am insane with remembering song lyrics (and quotes from TV-shows/movies)
    Seriously, I am REALLY good at memorising them… Imagine the space I’d have in my brain for other things if I didn’t!

  9. I used to play tennis and dance street dance when I was younger
    I wasn’t very good at either of those things.

  10. My preferred style of music is hip hop, rnb… or techno
    If you ever see me walking down the street you can bet your ass I’ll be pumping something in these genres loud AF.