Evelina von Seth

Blooming Rose

Evelina von Seth
Blooming Rose

Can you ever go wrong with a gin sour?

Well, I’m sure you can, but it’s such an easy recipe that as long as you’re using a gin you like you’ll be fine! There are endless variations to make to this cocktail and this one is possibly my new favourite. I found this one at my darling Belinda’s instagram, and she found it at Food & Wine. And now you can find it here!



- 30ml Gin (I used the lavender/sage/pink grapefruit gin from Stockholms Bränneri)
- 30ml Rose liqueur (@laniquedrinks)
- 30ml Lemon juice
- 15ml Simple syrup (I used ~10)
- Egg white
Reverse dry shake all ingredients, double strain into a beautiful rocks glass (a gift from @theelancollective). Garnish with a rose.