A gin and tonic

A gin and tonic

Is it really as simple as it sounds?

SWEDISH: Jag har skrivit en artikel om GT:s och mina bästa tips, läs den HÄR!
It’s an article about gin and tonics I got the privilege to write <3

A drink containing only two ingredients (or three if you count the ice) doesn’t sound to difficult, but a gin and tonic can be pretty bad if not made correctly. It’s all about matching the gin with the tonic to make sure they’re a good fit, because they don’t all go together. I’ve tried a few combinations that just did not work and then it’s not very pleasant.

In this one I’ve paired the quite floral lavender, sage and pink grapefruit gin by Stockholms Bränneri with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic which is a little more floral than other, “regular” tonics. It worked out well I thought! Especially with the lemon wheel adding a hint of citrus to complement the flavours.

Don’t be afraid to try something other than your regular “dive bar” kind of G&T (looking at you, Gordons Gin and Schweppes tonic…) but rather go out of your comfort zone and I can guarantee you will, just like me, experience a whole new world of gin and tonics!