Brooklyn Brewery: Defender IPA

Brooklyn Brewery: Defender IPA

When buying a beer goes kind of wrong.

I’ve been using the beer rating app Untappd for about two years, although I didn’t use it frequently in the beginning. Now I make sure to register every new beer I try! It’s fun to keep track of what you’re drinking, how you liked it, what others thought of it… It’s especially a great tool to make sure you don’t buy a beer you’ve previously given a low grade - if you remember to check the app before purchasing…

I did not in this case, haha. I saw this IPA at the liquor store and thought “hey, I haven’t tried this!”, came home and had a sip, didn’t really like it, went to register it and lo and behold; I’d already had it, and didn’t like it! It wasn’t necessarily bad, it just wasn’t my style of IPA: it was a little too malty and sweet.

Untappd general grade: 3,56

It smelled a bit like mango for some reason, haha, which was quite refreshing, although the smell was quite heavy in general (not the mango part of it, just all around). So yeah, that was weird. I thought it was bitter which I like, but maybe too strongly as I like the bitterness complemented with a sourness that wasn’t really there. If you like your IPA:s on the sweeter side then I’m sure you’ll like this one! It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again. I gave it a 3,50.