TCT: sports

TCT: sports

It’s making me feel so many things at the moment!

This is going to be the strangest thing I think I’ve ever written, haha, but here goes. If you know me and/or have followed me on instagram (stories, mostly) lately you know there’s been an ice hockey play-off going on and it’s been hectic! My team has been playing really well and are now playing best of seven games in the finals. We lost the first one, second game is tonight - I’m so excited/nervous/happy/disappointed and a bunch of other things I haven’t figured out yet, haha.

When they won the 7:th game in the semi-finals and advanced to the finals I swear to God I cried so much!! I was just so overwhelmed and proud we’d gotten so far for the first time since 2010.

My dad used to play for this team way back in the days and so they’ve played (pun not intended haha) a big part in my family’s life. Sports is difficult because it both separates and bring people together. I’ve had so much fun watching the games with my family and getting involved with how the boys are playing and how they’ve sold out all the games (at one point even put in six extra chairs, haha) and by the end of the semi-finals moved to a bigger arena and still sold it out.

No matter what happens in the finals I’ll be so happy it has brought me so much joy over the past weeks since I’ve gotten to share this journey with my family (well, not my mum, she cheers for another team, haha). I’ll most definitely cry regardless of the result because I’m a very emotional person, haha, but I love ice hockey and I love the passion it creates. But please, everyone, direct that passion to loving your own team and don’t ever hate on the other.