One year

On this day one year ago I decided to start Bipolar Bartender.

I can’t understand that 1) time has gone by so quickly and 2) how many amazing things have happened since then; solely because I was brave enough to start this journey. I had been thinking about it for a while, but then it all came together when I lost my job (I wanted to quit so all good there, haha). I was bored and thought now is the time!

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with so many fantastic people - both online and in real life. I was also offered a job working with social media that I obviously accepted on the spot, haha. I am so, so grateful for everything that has happened and keep happening to me and I never take it for granted. I’m finally spending my time doing things that make me truly happy.

Thank you to everyone that has ever liked, commented and DM’d me throughout this year. Bipolar Bartender would be nothing with you. I’m so excited to going on this journey, let’s see where it will take me!