With grape passion

With grape passion

… comes great responsibilities?!

Nah, I don’t even know what that means but let’s say it applies to keeping plastic out of the ocean! This day means the end of Strawless Cocktail Week but it’s not the end of me using reusable straws in my drinks. I’ve boycotted plastic straws at home and now only use metal or paper (need to get some glass ones) and I’m very happy with that. Single use plastic is the enemy, remember that!

This straw is so fun though; it’s used in South America to drink yerba mate tea, and the strainer like bottom part keeps the leaves (or whatever it’s called) from ending up in your mouth. So clever, and it works perfectly in any drink containing little “chunks” of anything that you don’t want to choke on.

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 16.03.38.png

It was wonderful in this drink that had basil leaves, passionfruit pulp and muddled grapes. It all stayed neatly in the glass and I could drink it with no problems what so ever!

Get yours at Cask & Co!


With grape passion

- 40ml Gin
- 10ml Lemon juice
- 1 dropper rose + hibiscus extract
- Basil leaves
- Grapes