Brewdog: Clockwork Tangerine

Brewdog: Clockwork Tangerine

It’s time for a beer review!

A little while back I put up a post on Instagram asking what you guys wanted to see more of, and some of the replies said beer which I thought was very fun! I used to do beer reviews in my IG stories but for some reason stopped. Beer is however a big passion of mine so I thought I’d start again, but this time do it on the blog.

First one out is from my favourite brewery Brewdog. I’m obsessed with pretty much everything they do, haha. I’ve even bought shares in the company because I love them so much.

Untappd general grade: 3,52

This session IPA is very light and bright! Smells strongly of tangerine and a little of caramel. It hits your mouth instantly with the tangerine and to be honest not much else, haha. A little malty, perhaps, but very light and slightly sour. First time I had it was on tap at the Brewdog bar in Covent Garden, London and gave it a 4.0, but when I’ve tried it a little more I might change that to 3,75. I wish it tasted of more hops! But it’s perfect for sunny days. I overall really like it!

If you want to hook up on Untappd (which is a beer rating app) I’m evelinavonseth.



Clockwork Tangerine