The Daiquiri

The Daiquiri

Get on board: it’s daiquiri day!

I think I speak for almost every Drinkstagrammer when I say that national drinking days in the USA are, or should be anyway, considered international drinking days as well. The states have SO many so let’s all just get in on that!

Today it’s National (let’s just say International) Daiquiri Day anyway! I absolutely love a classic daiquiri, but what I find most interesting about that cocktail is what other people think of it, or rather: what they think it actually is.

When frozen daiquiris became a thing they were everywhere. Everywhere. They were what the little black dress is to women: everyone had to have one. When I started working in bars and somebody ordered one I obviously made it the original way but I encountered some issues. The frozen version of the drink had taken over and a “daiquiri” no longer meant a straight up, straight forward, sour drink - it meant a flirtatious, fruity and frozen drink, preferably in red. I swear I’ve had guests send their drinks back because they “ordered a daiquiri”…

With the cocktail scene becoming more sophisticated yet at the same time more accessible to everyone I believe we’re now back to a daiquiri being what a daiquiri is supposed to be: one of the most perfectly balanced and easiest cocktails in the world - a delicious classic that, like that black dress, will never go out of style.

Let’s celebrate today with a summery twist of this masterpiece of a drink.

- 50ml White Rum
- 30ml Lime juice
- 15ml Rhubarb simple syrup
Shake everything with ice, fine strain into your glass.